When other babies were crawling, Omar Ennis, better known as DJ BamBam was fixated on music. He would take baby wipe boxes or any object and turn them over and make music (beats), hence the name BamBam. As he would watch shows he would constantly remix songs by either changing the words or adjusting tempos. When asked why he changed the song his reply was simply “It sounds better this way”.

At the age of 1, yes, one year old, DJ BamBam wouldn’t just watch from his crib or walker, he would get on the turn tables and manipulate his father’s finger tips and motions by becoming well on his way to DJ phenomenom! As toddlers his age rocked in their mother’s arms, DJ BamBam rocked parties! Already experiencing nationwide notoriety and fame the Ennis family makes sure Omar remains a child and well rounded individual and that education remains a priority.

DJ BamBam has been a staple in the community by working events for the mayor and worked with many well know DJs cross the country. DJing events ranging from Sweet Sixteens to his peers birthday parties to corporate functions, dont be surprised if you see this tike pull up on a big wheel ready to blaze the wheels of steel!

While maintaing the life of any regular child, DJ BamBam enjoys being with his friends at pool parties, the circus, amusement parks, or even just watching cartoons and playing video games. Sports: particularly soccer and basketball are among his favorite activities and is an active community player for both sports. He also enjoys gymnastics and is an avid reader as well.

DJ BamBam is a bright student that receives straight A’s and whose DJ abilities are embraced at his magnet school for technology where they use him at various functions. He clearly succeeds at whatever he puts his mind to and is determined to stay focused, busy and have fun!

Check out DJ BamBam Every Friday 4pm to 6pm Est. for the “After School Special” WATCH and listen as he controls the airwaves and your music sensory with Hip-Hop, House, R&B and Reggae joints that are guaranteed to keep you rocking for the entire episode! Sign in with an account and join the chat room!

Follow DJ BamBam on his path to becoming a worldwide super DJ and musical prodigy.

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